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Who is Oleńka?

Born Alexandra, the native of Madrid descends from Polish heritage and prefers to be called by the Polish diminutive, Oleńka. Born and raised in Arroyomolinos, Madrid, Oleńka has felt comfortable from a young age to explore and see new things. She does not know where she will end up in the near future, but her current home is in Frankfurt, Germany. This city has marked her independence and maturity and is very dear to her.

How were you introduced to music?

My introduction to music was very natural. My father, also a violinist, introduced me to the world of music from a very young age and from the very first minute, I felt in my element (Spanish translation “in my sauce”).



Why the violin?


Not only that my father was a passionate violinist, it was a practical choice. I never had an ounce of doubt when I played it for the first time. I have a very intense, special and above all, natural relationship with my violin. I have reflected a lot on how I feel; despite the difficult moments, there has been always a magnetism that has drawn me naturally towards it. I feel at home with my violin.

Why music in your life?

Music is in my life because through it, I express myself as I am in the moment. Through music, I have gotten to know people who have enriched my life in all aspects. Music has brought me to many parts of the world and I am hooked. In fact, one of the earliest memories I have is experiencing goosebumps while listening to music.

What is the impact that music can have on others? 


It can open people to feel, imagine, create... music inspires and takes one to unknown places.


What does Moiras mean to you? 


Moiras has a strong connotation of freedom and creativity for me. With this project I feel like I can design my own life according to how I want it. I choose the values that I want to bring to the world, as well as how I bring them, being loyal to my own tastes and priorities. Moiras is the opportunity to freely create, without limits, in the way Cris and I want to and believe in.


Why Cristina as your collaborator? 


I believe in Cris for Moiras because we complement and communicate with each other well. 

Cristina is sensitive, kind and has endless desire to improve and give her best. This inspires me and drives me for our project.


Any inspirational quotes or personal mantras?


Nothing changes if nothing changes.


Other interests?


Mental health and sunny and distant countries :)

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