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Who is Cristina?

My full name is Cristina Fernández de Simón de la Cruz, but since preschool, where I started my first drawings, I have always signed off as C. Simón; I supposed at around age three I knew what my artistic name would be! I was born and raised in Madrid, a city that will always be rooted to me, but I can feel at home in practically any part of the world and my mind is always thinking of my next destination. After 9 years living in Düsseldorf, Germany, I am currently back in Madrid.


How were you introduced to music?

I grew in a street named after Pablo Casals and perhaps that is what marked my destiny to become a cellist- we will never know! What I know for sure is when I was 8 years old, I attended a classical concert with my family and I pointed at the cello section saying “I want that!”. As soon as I started my cello lessons, I always wanted more and in hindsight, I doubt that any other choice would have allowed me to have the profound experiences that I have had so far in my cello career.


Why music in your life?


Music accompanies me in all moments of life, whether it be in the background when I am driving or surprising myself confronting a personal or professional challenge. Music has made me travel mentally; I was able to develop the tools I needed to navigate my life: ability to analyse, reach goals, creative problem solving, learning how to listen, understanding time, valuing sacrifice, discovering that we all dream in the same language, and a place of reflection, refuge and personal growth within me.


What is the impact that music can have on others? 


A concert, whether on stage or in the audience, is a magical moment. The translation of symbols on a staff on paper, brought to life by instruments, is art. The road of learning that is precisely to make music is full of emotions and unique moments, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to listen and share. Music develops our intellect and senses, enriching our existence.


What does Moiras mean to you?


Moiras is a project where I can feel and demonstrate myself as a complete artist; it gives me the opportunity to lift my creativity to the highest level and to become the best cellist I can be. Choosing our own repertoire and pursuing our own projects is what drives me and my enthusiasm to develop Moiras. In the end, I believe it will define who I am. 


Why Oleńka as a collaborator? 


Oleńka is someone I trust very much. I know that she will be there for the both of us in the moments of shortcomings. With her, the concept of growing and enjoying go hand in hand. Positivity always wins the battle against doubts and worries and there will never be a question unanswered. Oleńka is a violinist who inspires me to follow my own path in the world of music and a friend who is there to enjoy it with me.


Any quotes or personal mantras that drive you?


Only fear can slow me down, for what motive should one give it such power?


Other interests?


Human rights, Capoeira and travelling the world.

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